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Mission To empower communities to engage in cultural relationships with the natural world as a means of sustaining efforts of environmental protection and restoration.

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Procession 2024 Workshop Schedule

This is an evolving schedule. We'll be adding more workshops, so check back!

All workshops are at the Procession Community Art Studio, in the old Armory at Legion & Eastside, unless otherwise noted. Studio entrance is off Legion, in the rear of the building, and parking is only available on the street (and in the Avanti High School parking lot, kitty-corner from the Armory, between 3:30-8:00 only). The studio is always open and free to use during posted hours (check our website).

Wednesdays 3:30pm WATER Float Group (ongoing) FREE Details
Thursdays 3:30pm EARTH Float Group (ongoing) FREE Details
Fridays 3:30pm FIRE Float Group (ongoing) FREE Details
Sundays 12:00pm AIR Float Group (ongoing) FREE Details
Apr. 7 1:00pm Solar Eclipse Glasses & Headbands FREE Details
Apr. 13 1:00pm Beginner Luminary - Geometric Shapes $10 Details

** We want the Procession Studio to be accessible to all. If you do not have funds to pay for a class, send an email to olympiaprocession@gmail.com. **

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