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Mission To empower communities to engage in cultural relationships with the natural world as a means of sustaining efforts of environmental protection and restoration.

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Closing the Studio

About an hour before the Studio is to close, check with other staff people to coordinate the closing tasks.

Thirty minutes before the Studio is to close, make an announcement to the people working on projects that they should finish up what they're working on and begin to clean up.

Closing tasks: Sweep the floor.

  • Check the trash cans (including those in the restrooms). If a trash can is full, tie up the garbage bag, pull it out of the can, and set it near the Studio door. Replace the trash bag from the supply on the shelf in the Men's bathroom.
  • Check the paint wash room and tend to any mess left in the sink or on the counter.
  • Do a sweep of the tables in both rooms and put away any supplies left out.
  • Bring in the sandwich board signs from both ends of the alley (there's a dolly at the door of the studio if you need help moving the boards).
  • Make sure no water is running in sinks or toilets. Neaten up the restrooms.
  • Turn off the heat . Thermostats are located in the Batik room above the stereo and in the Luminary room next to the big Crew Calendar (directions are posted at each thermostat).

Turn off these various electronics:

  • Batik Room: Unplug woks, glue guns, and hair dryers. Turn off the stereo at the power strip.
  • Press the switches for overhead fans, located above the stereo, all the way down.
  • Art and Luminary Room: Unplug glue guns, hair dryers, and fans.
  • Tool Room and shelf: Be sure all power tools unplugged. Battery packs for tools can remain plugged in overnight.

Light switch locations - turn them off in this order (Note: If it's dark outside, before you begin to turn off lights, be sure the light at the entrance to the studio is switched on.)

  • Upstairs lights in Paint and Fabric Rooms: There are 4 light switches.
    1. Paint Room - switch for two lights located on inside wall, left of entrance.
    2. Crew Storage Closet - switch located on outside wall, left of entrance.
    3. Procession Art Storage - switch located on inside wall, right of entrance.
    4. Fabric Room - switch located at top of the stairwell on right wall of entrance.

  • Batik Room: There are 3 light switches.
    1. Women's Bathroom - switch located on inside wall, right of entrance.
    2. Main Room - switch located in the back hallway on the right-side wall.
    3. Paint Washroom - switch located on wall above the stereo.

  • Luminary Room: There are 4 light switches.
    1. Men's Bathroom - switch located on outside wall, left of entrance.
    2. Main Room - switch located on wall on the right side of left entrance to Batik Room.
    3. Wood, Wheel and Wire Room - switch located on outside wall, left of entrance.
    4. Entrance/Exit - switch located on inside wall, right side of exit.


  • Alley flood lights turn off automatically when the sun comes up.
  • Be sure the large sliding door is latched tight on both sides of doorway before exiting.
  • When you lock the entrance door, firmly push on the door to assure the locking latch is secured.

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