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Mission To empower communities to engage in cultural relationships with the natural world as a means of sustaining efforts of environmental protection and restoration.

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Procession Route Map

Luminary Procession (Fri., 4/26)
Assemble at Washington Street between 4th & 5th Ave at 8pm. At 8:30pm we proceed South on Washington 2 blocks (adjacent Sylvester Park) and turn west (right) onto 7th Ave. Then we turn north (right) onto Capitol Way and head north for two blocks to 5th Ave. At 5th Ave we turn west (left) and proceed 2 blocks on 5th Ave to Water Street where we turn north (right) and fill the block of Water Street between 5th and 4th Ave.

Procession of the Species (Sat., 4/27)
At 4:30 pm the Procession will start from the intersection of Cherry and Legion Ave and proceed west on Legion Ave two blocks to Franklin; turn right (north) one block to 5th Ave; turn left (west) one block to Washington; turn left (south) two blocks to 7th Ave; turn right (west) one block to Capitol; turn right (north) two blocks to 5th Ave; turn left (west) one block to Columbia; turn left (south) one block to Legion; turn right (west) one block to Water Street; turn right (north) one block to 5th Ave; turn left (west) one block to enter fountain area of Heritage Park for closing celebration.

(Note: You can pick up an Arts Walk/Procession Route Map at downtown businesses. The best viewing for those with groups requiring special transportation is along Legion between Adams and Franklin.)

Procession participants will meet at the intersection of Legion Way and Cherry Street. Each of the four nearby blocks will be closed to traffic and used by participants to gather according to their designated Element. Please see map to locate the block where your Element will gather, but be aware that Element locations may change without warning prior to 4:30 p.m. depending on the number of people and musical groups within the Element. Check with the Registration Table for updates. Procession volunteers will also be deciding the order of groups within the Elements and assisting you in the placement process and must be consulted before rearranging. They should also have the latest information on any Element location changes.

Spectators are welcome to join in with the Procession at any point along the route. BUT REMEMBER: Spectators who join in with the Procession are subject to the same considerations and policies that assure the safety and well-being of both participants and the intent of the Procession of the Species Celebration. Please remember to respect the rules: No written words/symbols - No pets/live animals - No motorized vehicles/boom boxes (electric wheelchairs are a welcomed exception).

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