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The Three Rules

Mission To empower communities to engage in cultural relationships with the natural world as a means of sustaining efforts of environmental protection and restoration.

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Start a New Procession

Interested in starting a new Procession of the Species Celebration in your community? Get help from the folks who founded it and practical guidance from the many people who have made Olympia’s Procession possible since 1995. Feel free to contact us no matter what your level of interest.

Because of the response from folks from all over the country and beyond, Earthbound Productions has created a Starter Kit to help your community get going. It includes:

  • Award-winning 8-minute promotional video
  • Publicity booklet
  • Organizational tips
  • Administrative forms
  • Sample working budget
  • Sample of grant
  • Samples of promotional flyers
  • Essays written about the Procession

We invite copying of our forms, so long as the name is retained (Procession of the Species Celebration), and the three rules are followed (no written words, no pets, and no motorized vehicles).

We love seeing the magic of the Procession cast into the waters of human interaction and watching its ripples cross to other shorelines. If you define magic as a change in consciousness, we’ve seen Procession do this time and again. To us, it’s a cosmic spiritual practice so sorely missing in our culture today.

Here in Olympia, words can’t describe our awe that other Processions are now occurring or in the planning in cities and towns across the country and the world.

Here is chapter 3 of the Starter Kit – the Procession Art Handbook

To read the Starter Kit and other PDF files you will need to have the latest version of Adobe’s Acrobat Reader, available as a free download from their website

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