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Mission To empower communities to engage in cultural relationships with the natural world as a means of sustaining efforts of environmental protection and restoration.

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About the Community Art Studio

What are the guidelines?
The Procession community art studio is staffed completely by volunteers! Please follow the guidelines of:

  • Consideration
  • Contribution
  • Clean-up

In the interest of protecting the health of all, we ask that those who use the studio use the safest possible materials, therefore no toxics, glass, solvents, or oil paints.

No food or drink service is available and in the interest of safety we ask you not to eat and drink in the studio. This is a working art studio, with many people doing many things at once.

What do I bring or wear?
Always wear washable, comfy clothes. Everyone, including children and toddlers, must wear shoes. Things fall to the floor that can hurt bare feet big and small.

Does the studio have staffing?
Yep. It is kept open and operating by a cadre of dedicated, delightful volunteers. Feel free to become one of us! It takes a lot of help and energy to keep this amazing community service in place.

If you’re planning to bring a large group to the studio, call the Earthbound Productions office ahead of time to make sure there will be adequate staffing to meet your needs.

Is child care available?
There is no child care available. Parents, you are responsible for your children at all times. All children 12 and under must be with a parent or guardian. This is a working art studio!

Must I attend a workshop to visit the studio?
No, the studio offers an open invitation to come anytime. You don't have to attend a workshop to come to the studio and make art for the Procession.

But you’ll probably find at least one that delights, intrigues, and inspires you. see Workshops

Who owns the art studio?
No one owns the art studio, and there is no permanent studio space available for the Procession. Each year the Procession/Earthbound Productions finds and rents a space to open for the community's participation. Securing a community art space is absolutely essential to the success of the Procession. Our hope is to eventually secure a permanent space. Got ideas? Contact us!

Community Through Music!
There’s still time to come to the Procession Art Studio and make a shaker or other musical instrument to be given away during the Procession. We like to see lots of music-making people!

And on the day of the Procession, bring a bell, drum, rattle, shaker, rainstick, or any other instrument you’re so moved to play during the Procession. Please add to the heartbeat of the Procession!

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