Technical Assistance in Ecosystem Hydrology & Community Health

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We provide Technical Support, Education & Training in Ecosystem Hydrology and Community Health, linking land use, water quality and human needs

Contact us for hydrologic assessments, land use plans, environmental health, watershed management strategies, individual, regional and international.

Watershed Techinical Assistance, Education & Training
Watershed technical assistance, education and training might be helpful to your objectives. Some examples are outlined here and others can be tailored to your needs and interests. These can vary from an evening presentation to community training seminars to field courses to curriculum development.

Water To Drink Seminars, Workshops, Training Sessions. Includes:

  • Connecting Land Use, Water Quality and Human Health
  • Integrating Environment and Community Issues
  • Watershed Risk Assessment
  • Inter-disciplinary Monitoring Strategies
  • An Enabling Environment: Setting Up Your own Program

Professional Technical Assistance/Consultation in

  • Ecosystem Hydrology
  • Community Health
  • Environmental Planning
  • Integrated Watershed Management

Our books, videos, publications and related materials are designed for field and applied programs. "Water To Drink" training books can be included in most programs with an educational discount. The book itself is designed to be curriculum and can include teacher training and application of the material.
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Technical Assistance, Education and Training

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