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A Non-profit, Professional & Community Network. Our projects support cooperative unifying objectives. Supporters include a wide array of local, regional, and international agencies, as well as educators, community businesses, consultants, environmental preservation and action groups, resource industries and individuals.

Action Towards Ecosystem-based Solutions

Accessibility, Availability, Adequacy, Awareness = Action . . . . .
Inter-disciplinary, Cross-Cultural, Trans-boundary = Ecosystem-based Watershed Solutions . . . . .

Integrating Science, Policy, Management, Culture & the Arts

"A watershed is a classic example of our human and ecological connections because flows of water link virtually all human needs, activities and interests. With less than half of one percent of the total water on the planet available as fresh water, the relationship between water quality and the quality of our own human health and welfare is inescapable." "Water to Drink"

Our comprehensive Watershed approach connects assessment & management strategies demonstrating how our effects on our environments affects us & integrating the preservation of our ecological systems with our human health and well-being. Contact us for valuable assistance in drinking water supplies, watershed & coastal zone management, environmental planning, community health, education & training programs.

Specializing in:

  • Integrated Watershed & Coastal Zone Management
  • Drinking Water Supplies
  • Resource Assessments
  • Inter-disciplinary Data Collection
  • Forests & Hydrology
  • Pollution Control, Community Health
  • Wildlands & Protected Areas
  • Environmental Planning
  • Sustainable Development.

Through a unified approach to the preservation and management of our human and natural resources, the flows of nature that connect all communities can serve as a basis for the maintenance and protection of our valuable ecosystems.

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Sharing a common interest in balancing the quality of our environment with the quality of our health and well-being...

A Non-profit, Professional & Community Network
Balancing the quality of our environment with the quality of our health and well-being.
Ecosystem Hydrology, Community Health, Environmental Planning,
Technical Assistance, Education and Training

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