Water and Music DVD

"Water and Music" plays a part in our "Power of Spirit: Sustaining Watersheds through Music, Art and Stories" initiative. It demonstrates a collaborative effort between the Science and the Arts, representing communities working together towards a common solution. It was recently presented at the UNESCO sponsored "Music as a Catalyst for Environmental Awareness" Forum, Geneva, Switzerland, 2009.

Musicians include an inter-disciplinary mix of Hydrology (composer and pianist), Geology (Violin and Arrangements) and Medical Technology (Mandolin and Percussion). Photographs demonstrate our water work around the world. Instruments donated by project communities include the Native American drum, gifted from the "Two Rivers Tribal Pow wow & Reconciliation" who worked together to heal the land and waters for all.

The "Water Stick" was a gift from the Peruvian artist, Felix, who carved his landscapes with only his mouth demonstrating his special talents and the ability to overcome obstacles through such a connection with nature. Kevin, of NuWater Press donated hours of last minute Film production in spite of financial hardship and time constraints, locally thinking and acting glob ally. The chapel acoustics and piano were located at the Anacortes Episcopalian Church who graciously allowed the use of their facility, a place of prayer. If you listen well, you will hear the grandfather clock ticking...

Likened to our international low cost water project outreach, our impromptu live recording was accomplished with a simple MP3, in a two hour session with musicians who had never played together before. A unified demonstration of what can be produced when we combine our spirits in our common cause towards human and ecological health. Workshops and educational programs are also available. Thanks to all the contributors and to you for your support in this most heart warming unified effort working together in this global water initiative.

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