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Around the world, disastrous effects of earthquakes, floods and droughts are painful evidence of our continuing struggle between human resource demands and the sustainability of our ecological systems. "Too much or too little" is often deemed the culprit in these crises, focusing on our "lacks and needs" instead of exploring the mechanisms of the functions and processes that sustain us. Through a unified approach to the preservation and management of our human and natural resources, the flows of nature that connect all communities can serve as a basis for the maintenance and protection of our valuable ecosystems.

We are offering you the opportunity to contribute to this valuable endeavor by becoming a member of our growing Unified in Our Diversity community. Your contribution will greatly assist in the timely application of this integrated approach to the assessment and management of our water resources.

Can you offer your services as assistance for this international volunteer community based effort? How?

Financial contributions can be tax deductible through AWISH (A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity) and in cooperation with The Institute for Global Education and Project NatureConnect. While we appreciate any contributions of support, "Unified in Diversity" sponsors of US $2000.00 or more can receive a signed first edition copy of "Water to Drink".

Donations, Contributions and In-Kind services are now being accepted from our expanding consortium of educators, local, regional and international agencies, community businesses, consultants, environmental preservation and action groups, resource industries, individuals and all those interested in our shared resources and well-being.

In-kind Services and Support can be pledged by filling out a form. Any assistance in the areas of production, distribution, technical assistance, education/outreach would be a great help. Click here to help us.

Water makes up over 90-percent of your being; you are literally MADE of water. It fills you, refreshes you, nourishes your food, bathes you, and is your playground in so many ways. Perhaps it's your turn? How can you help water -- help preserve it, refresh it, nourish understanding of it? (insert "offerings, contributions, services... what kind? how much? when? where? hours per week?" here

Your kind donations, contributions and in-kind support will be included in our sponsor list and combine efforts with our international network of "Unified in Our Diversity" sponsors.

...Sharing a common interest in balancing the quality of our environment with the quality of our health and well-being...

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Balancing the quality of our environment with the quality of our health and well-being.
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