Reconnecting With Nature


We produce and suffer dysfunctions whenever the ways of industrial society disconnect us from the purifying global flow of nature and its systems. Today, severely deprived of this flow for 98 percent of lives, our psyche stagnates. This pollutes how we think and feel and many disorders result.

Nature produces no garbage because its grace, balance and restorative powers recycle contamination. Personally and professionally we must help our thinking and feeling benefit from the regenerative ways of natural systems that we learn to block from our mind. Reconnecting With Nature 2007 provides sensory nature-connecting tools that help us achieve this goal. We help nature and its systems recyle back to health the hurt and contamination by industrial society of our individual and collective psyche.

Experience a nature-connecting exploration activity from the book. Discover, hands-on, its benefit to you. (Then return here using "back" or "go"in the menu, or bookmark this page.)

In cooperation with the Institute for Global Education and in support of our combined efforts towards sustainable watersheds: Introducing our NatureConnect collaboration in community education and nature healing with Michael J. Cohen

To Order your book from $40.00 includes your donation for sustainable watershed projects around the world. - Order form

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