Ecology In Action A Slide Show Presentation

The Man and Biosphere Programme (MAB):

MAB is an international intergovernmental programme of environmental research and training which was designed to improve the use and management of natural resources. From its inception in 1971, the communication of technical research results to different user groups - resource managers, specialists, teachers and the general public - has been an integral part of the programme.

With this in mind, the poster exhibit "Ecology in Action" was prepared to help mark the Tenth Anniversary of the Programme and review what had been accomplished during its first 10 years. The "Ecology in Action" exhibit comprises 36 posters which present a synthesis of the results of many technical projects in non-technical language understandable to many sectors of the public. This slide-text package based on the exhibit has been prepared in response to the request of many governments and institutions to have an alternative format of the exhibit, which would be especially suitable for teaching purposes.

How to use this slide/text package:

This slide package contains 60 slides with accompanying text presented in five chapters :

  1. a general introduction to the MAB concept, "Research for land use planning",
  2. a section on the ecosystems of the humid and sub-humid tropics, "The tropical forest - a rich but fragile resource";
  3. a section on the world's marginal lands - arid, semi-arid and mountainous, "Marginal Lands - coping with and taking advantage of constraints";
  4. a section on urban growth and planning, "Cities as ecological systems";
  5. a section on the need to preserve the ecological diversity of our planet, "Conservation - How, Where, Why?".
Each chapter is preceded by a one-page photographic description of the slides and posters included in that chapter. Thus, these sections can be used either together or separately, as individual chapters for presentation devoted to specific topics such as tropical forests, cities, or conservation,etc.

The texts are the same as those presented in the posters, reproduced in a form suitable for narration or use as a teaching aid. The slides accompanying the explanatory text are noted in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This format allows a teacher to stop at any time during a class to add more examples, encourage questions or further explain situations presented in the exhibit. The texts are numbered to correspond to the visual sections of the slide presented as shown in the slide/poster diagram included on each page.

It is hoped that this slide/text format will make the "Ecology in Action" exhibit accessible to a wider public in both formal and npn-informaJ educational settings.

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