West River Summer Day Camp Program

"I liked the horses best," said Barton Colburn, "the river, the river Sommer Henderson chimed in, I like to wade my feet in the water."

From singing songs after a picnic to hiking through the woods, we spend our days at the West River Summer Day Camp exploring the wonders of the environment around us.

Our daily field trips are based on community resources. With our songs and play we creatively express our appreciation of the outdoors and summertime in Vermont.

Today we visited the Post Office to learn about our postal system. This month our planned activities will include:

  • An Animal Farm
  • A Visit to a Bakery to see how Bread is made
  • Nature Walks
  • Picnics
  • Ceramic Classes
  • And even a Hay Ride!

Though based in South Londonderry, we draw our children from as far away as Startton Mt. and Manchester, charging only $1.00 an hour. State aid is available. We accept regular, scheduled and unscheduled drop-ins. We are funded by the Montessori School located at the H.G.A. barn in S. Londonderry. We look forward to meeting the varied personalities of the 3-8 year olds in the surrounding areas.

We feel that your children can add a lot as well as gain a lot from this program. This program runs Monday through Friday 8:00 to 4:00. Feel free to call us at 824-3857.

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