Connecting Recreation with Education

Building Education into Recreation includes learning water assessment methods while in a kayak or water sports, seeing the world from the water up rather than the land down -- contributing to environment information and understanding while enjoying the outdoors. Programs can be linked to scheduled outings or designed to meet your specific objectives.

Power Of Spirit and The World Of Water: Music, Art, & Stories Connecting Us To Our Source

A weekend workshop with comforts and contributions to our global agenda.

  • Friday evening:
    Water In Its Many Forms Welcome with healthy Sustainence, Spirits and Libations -- Water in its many forms...

    Interactive Presentation: Photo Journey into the world of water from around the world in: "How Water Is Born"

  • Saturday:
    Guided Walk Through The Cycles That Give Life: Looking At How We Affect This Valuable Resource And Its Effect On Us

  • Saturday evening or happy hour:
    Sounds Of Water: Music And Stories That Bring Us Together Join in a musical adventure of stories and songs from around the world that share our common voices for water.

  • Sunday:
    Experience The Flow: Water Tour

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