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    "Belonging to the Universe" - a celebration led by Michael Dempster with help from Jo Curtz, exploring some aspects and feelings of "mutual belonging" with our planet, solar system, and 13.7 billion-year-old ever-evolving cosmos. ... "...the Milky Way, in its later modes of being is capable of thinking and feeling and creating. ...To speak of a Milky Way that does not have the inherent powers to recombine into a form capable of inner feelings is to speak of an abstract Milky Way, one that has no existence in reality... If we can say with assurance that Emily Dickinson is composed of the stuff of the Milky Way, we need to say with equal assurance that Emily Dickinson in her person and in her poetry activates an inner dimension of the Milky Way." --- from The Universe Story, by Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry

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