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CIC Open & Affirming Statement - (approved and endorsed by Townhall on January 9th, 2022)

The Community for Interfaith Celebration (CIC) seeks to welcome people of every race, sex, nationality, age, physical ability, intellectual or developmental level, sexual and gender identity.

CIC has been an Open & Affirming congregation since 1987. Open and Affirming is the term used in the United Church of Christ for congregations which welcome gay, lesbian, trans, and bisexual people as members and leaders. In 1989 CIC sponsored the first openly lesbian ministerial candidate to be ordained in the Pacific Northwest Conference.

CIC maintains an ongoing commitment to honor diversity and welcome each person on their journey. We commit to reviewing our actions, both as individuals and as a community, to ensure they reflect our affirmation. This commitment is part of our effort to address oppression in the wider community.

There is room for all of us here.

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