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Queen Bee Gem Essences

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All essences come in blue 1/2 ounce bottles with droppers.

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Queen Bee Gem Essences - Apophyllite

Intuitive vision, enhances energy, stimulates creative vision, enhances meditative states, rejuvinating, intuitive guidance, inspiration

Patterns of imbalance: lack of vision, low energy, lack of direction, depression, lack of connection

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Aquamarine

Expands view of results of your efforts, good for immune system, "stimulates a desire to have greater knowledge of the self as an integrated being in body, mind, and spirit," inspiration, self-esteem, spiritual fulfillment, clarity of mental perception

Patterns of imbalance: discouragement about life's work, nervous problems, fear, inability to express oneself

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Black Tourmaline

Resilliance of self, security, grounding, unattachment, good for one who is overwhelmed around large groups of people

Patterns of imbalance: lack of self-confidence, fear of others and interactions

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Bloodstone

Healing through deep self-reflection, support, courage

Patterns of imbalance: stagnation, indecisive, lack of perspective for the future, emotional stress

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Celestite

Enhanced connection with celestial beings, ability to dance with the flow of life, enhances rational thought, balancing, good for communication, good for dream recall, harmony, dismisses worries, freedom

Patterns of imbalance: pain, chaos, uninspired, difficulty communicating, disorganized thoughts, lack of connection

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Chrysocholla

Clears links from the past as you move into new areas of service, greater spiritual understanding, cleansing of forces in subconcious mind, inner peace, manifestation, follow your heart

Patterns of imbalance: fear, guilt, nervous tension, digestive imbalances, hypertension, stress, unbalanced emotions

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Danburite

Shamen's stone, great for clarity of self for easier communication, intellectual activator, enhances personal identity, aids in elimination of toxins, taps collective unconscious

Patterns of imbalance: Bad attitude, toxic buildup, difficulty communicating, need for delicate communication, misunderstood

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Fire Opal

Transformation, determination, endurance, support for change, enhances reflection, focus

Patterns of imbalance: Exhaustion, lack of vision, weakness, overwhelmed, feeling "burnt out"

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Fluorite

Balance, ability to flow, serenity, ability to reason objectively, concentration, discernment, calm, cleansing

Patterns of imbalance: Instability, scattered, chaotic, disorganiztion, difficulty communicating, lack of clarity

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Garnet

Appreciation, joy, compassion, abundance, provides a sense of the positive things in one’s life

Patterns of imbalance: depression, stagnation, inability to feel content, insecurity, challenged

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Heliodore

Balance between cognition and intuition, strong sense of security, rejuvination, compassionate understanding

Patterns of imbalance: Lack of focus, feelings of instability , ungrounded, inability to face delicate issues

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Hiddenite

Unconditional love through greater understanding and forgiveness, ability to see with greater perspective

Patterns of imbalance: Difficulty with issues of the heart, inability to forgive, difficulty relating to others, intollerance, judgement

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Yellow Kunzite

Good in social environments, unconditional love through greater understanding, balances cardiovascular system on the physical and cellular levels, tissue regeneration

Patterns of imbalance: Low self-esteem, low energy, lack of connection in groups

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Triple Kyanite

Positivity, holds no negative energy, aligns and opens the chakras, connection to inner self

Patterns of imbalance: negative outlook on life, frustration, inability to focus

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Moonstone

Acknowledgement of cycles, dreaming, manifestation, balancing, aids in transition, heightens consciousness, intuitive, practicality, protection, helps with assimilation of nutrients

Patterns of imbalance: tension, confusion, uncertain about direction, low energy, toxicity

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Nuummit

Helps one recognize the things that are needed in one's life and let go of those that are not, connects crown chakra to the base chakra, flexibility, clarity of mind, aids in transition, discernment

Patterns of imbalance: Lack of perspective, misdirected, delusional, inability to let go

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Peacock Rock

Calmness, nerve tonic, rebirthing, alignment, easement, brings awareness to obstacles that are blocking one's development

Patterns of imbalance: nervous disorders and habits, sense of longing, ill health, negativity

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Peridot

Happiness as an expression of being, generosity, expression of appreciation toward others

Patterns of imbalance: Depression, melancholy, lack or loss of compassion

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Petrified Tree Limb

Connection with past, flow, perspective, positive attitude, builds intuition

Patterns of imbalance: lack of continuity, difficulty visioning, lack of perspective, fears, insecurity

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Rose Quartz

Heart chakra, promotes loving kinship, clarity and calmness, balanced emotions, stimulates ability to give and receive love

Patterns of imbalance: mood swings, cold heart, social insecurity, toxicity, ill health

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Rubelite

Resiliance of the heart chakra, creativity, balanced nature, unconditional love, following the flow of life

Patterns of imbalance: Attachment to expectations, depression, feeling unloved or unrecognized

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Ruby

Confidence in the beauty of the dance of one’s life, joy, abundance, creativity, greater perspective

Patterns of imbalance: discouragement, poor self-esteem insecurity, misdirection

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Sphalerite

Discernment, balancing, recognition of needing to change direction, enhances intuition, transition, positive attitude

Patterns of imbalance: Poor decision making, lack of vision, negative outlook, insecurity

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Spiral Quartz

Activates the energy centers of the body, grounding, helps one see where they will be in the future if they make the choices they make in the present, alignment, amplifying, rejuvenating, focus, purification

Patterns of imbalance: energy blockages, negative outlook, materialistic, critical, most any imbalance

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Staurolite

Enhances kinship, ritual, collective creation, good luck, good for travels

Patterns of imbalance: Feelings of separateness, isolation, lack of collective vision, stress, depression, overextending one's time

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Topaz

Aids in recognizing that which one needs in their life, manifestation, insight, good for visualization, promotes receptivity

Patterns of imbalance: lack of direction and focus, uncertainty, ill health, negativity, lack of creativity, prolonged rehabilitation, stagnation

Queen Bee Gem Essences - Watermelon Tourmaline with Lepidolite

Helps one see the beauty in life, resiliance, detachment, ability to see one's true identity, grace in transitions, strong connection with heart chakra

Patterns of imbalance: lack of self-confidence, fear of others and interactions, difficulty facing change, lack of perspective

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