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What is a Permaculture Design Course?

A Permaculture Design Course explores sustainable human habitation. We begin with the ethics and principles of permaculture which support a philosophical reverence for life and provide a framework for making healthy choices.

You will learn a design system that is based on the natural world and can be applied in many ways to your life. You can expect complete immersion into creating innovative and healthy plant and social communities for urban and rural areas. The instructors are skilled growers and activists familiar with social justice and thousands of plant species. The course will impart permaculture principles and methodologies which can be applied anywhere in the world.

The objective of a Permaculture Design Course is to provide a comprehensive overview of sustainable futures, based on permaculture philosophy, techniques, and strategies that one could incorporate into their everyday life, or enhance their career. These courses provide diverse hands-on experience. The intention is to facilitate a systems approach to thinking about different issues, encouraging care for the earth and its inhabitants as a diverse community. A Permaculture Design Course includes readings and visits to network with others using permaculture principles in their lives and careers.

Topics covered in a Permaculture Design Course

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What is a Permaculture Design Course?

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