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Queen Bee Gem Essences Aromamisters

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Bee Well Aromamist

Support for: Illness, negativity, difficulty healing, indecision

Encourages: well-being, positive outlook, clarity, regeneration, resilience

Good for spraying in health care facilities or other places of exposure to illness

Flower Essences: Apple, Self-Heal, Yarrow

Gem Essences: Danburite, Triple Kyanite, Watermelon Tourmaline w/Lepidolite

Essential Oil of Grapefruit

Calling All Guides Aromamist

Call in Guidance from your many sources...

Angelic Guides, Ancestral Guides, Nature Spirits, Celestial Guides, Ancestral Collective Consciousness.

Use when you need to build intuition or guidance.

Flower Essences: Angelica, Forget-Me-Not, Thimbleberry

Gem Essences: Apophyllite, Petrified Tree Limb, Celestite

Essential Oil of Clary Sage & Thyme

Calming Oasis Aromamist

Support for: overactive mind, concerns, excessive energy, discontent, meltdown

Encourages: calm, relaxation, compassion, understanding, deep peace, serenity

Flower Essences: Blue Star Creeper, Japanese Cherry, Lavender

Gem Essences: Aquamarine, Hiddenite, Rose Quartz

Essential Oil of Lavender

Clear Space Aromamist

Support for: disorganization, energy issues, difficulty focusing, negativity

Encourages: clarity, cleansing, intuition, mediation, protection

This mister is a useful spray to cleanse a room, good for healers to use between clients

Flower Essences: Clary Sage, Rosemary, Yarrow

Gem Essences: Apophyllite, Celestite, Triple Kyanite

Essential oil of Lemon

Dreamtime Aromamist

Flower Essences: Apple, Clary Sage, Lavender

Gem Essences: Apophyllite, Celestite, Moonstone

Essential Oil of Mugwort

Fearlessness and Courage Aromamist

Support for: discouragement, fear, negativity, stagnation

Encourages: contentment, courage, determination, discernment, manifestation, positive attitude

Flower Essences: Borage, Japanese Cherry, Yarrow

Gem Essences: Chrysocholla, Nuummit, Spiral Quartz

Essential Oils of Lemongrass and Rosemary

Follow Your Heart Aromamist

Support for your soul’s journey

Support for: release, stagnation, healing, heart issues, negativity

Encourages: courage for healing, self-determination, healthy perspective, resilience, evolution, transition

Flower essences of Red Flowering Currant, Self-Heal, Trillium

Gem essences of Bloodstone, Chrysocholla, Rubelite, and Watermelon Tourmaline with Lepidolite

Essential oils of Ylang Ylang and Myrrh

An Invitation Aromamist

An Invitation... to anyone who needs something that we have to offer...

An Invitation... to anyone who has something that we may need...

Flower Essences: Angelica, Clary Sage, Muskmallow

Gem Essences: Celestite, Petrified Tree Limb, Topaz

Lichen Essence of Lungwort

Essential Oils of Vetiver & Ylang Ylang

Metamorphosis Aromamist

Support for: transition, change, rebirth, evolution

Encourages: trust in oneself, determination, direction, release, ease

Flower Essences: Red Flowering Currant, Angelica, Love in a Mist,

Gem Essences: Watermelon Tourmaline w/ Lepidolite, Fire Opal, Chrysocholla

Essential Oils of Cypress & Clary Sage

New Beginnings Aromamist

New Beginnings has support for: difficult transitions, disorganization, indecision, lack of direction, stagnation

Encourages: Creation, intention, intuitive vision, manifestation, re-birth

Flower Essences: Love in a Mist, Primrose, Red Flowering Currant

Gem Essences: Chrysocholla, Nuummit, Topaz

Essential Oils of Rose Geranium and Orange

Pan Aromamist

In honor of our woodland family

Flower essences of Clary Sage, Lady’s Mantle, Thimbleberry

Gem essences of Bloodstone, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Petrified Tree Limb

Lichen essence of Lungwort

Essential oils of Fir Needle and Yarrow

(this Aromamist is for connecting with nature spirits and the forest)

Secure Blessings Aromamist

Support for intent and lack during times of significance

Support for: loneliness, boredom, lack, discontent, negative outlook

Encourages: happiness, unconditional love, compassion, interaction, connection, resilience

Flower Essences: Forget-Me-Not, Muskmallow, Red Elder

Gem Essences: Kyanite, Peridot, Rose Quartz

Essential Oil of Lavender

Winter Sunbreak Aromamist

Support for: seasonal affective disorder, lack of motivation, depression, lack of perspective

Encourages: positive attitude, follow-through, energy, happiness, resilliance through transition

Flower Essences: Borage, Love in a Mist, Vinca

Gem Essences: Aquamarine, Peridot, Watermelon Tourmaline w/Lepidolite

Essential Oils of Clary Sage and Tangerine

Root Chakra Aromamist

Associated with safety and security, assertive power, vitality, strengthens the will (to live, to survive, to manifest, etc), right livelihood, personal significance

Patterns of imbalance: lack of motivation, lack of connection, fear, regret, shame, restless, poor boundaries, disorganization, timidity, victimization, inferiority, anger, aggression, intolerance, self-absorption, fear of change

Flower Essences: Red Elder, Self-Heal, & Yarrow

Gem Essences of Black Tourmaline, Nuummit, & Spiral Quartz

Essential Oil of Basil


Sacral Chakra Aromamist

Associated with emotions, creativity, sexuality, adaptability, material and emotional stability, need for affection, ability to experience pleasure, right to be loved

Patterns of imbalance: loneliness, rejection, relationship & sexual problems, resentment, possessiveness, greed, frigidity, obsessive attachment, defensiveness, feelings of neglect or underappreciation, emotional manipulation

Flower Essences: Iris, Muskmallow, & Trillium

Gem Essences: Moonstone, Peridot, & Watermelon Touramline w/Lepidolite

Essential Oil of Wintergreen


Solar Plexus Chakra Aromamist

Associated with developing self confidence and personal power, evolution of personal mind, will to know, responsibility, communication, courage, independance

Patterns of imbalance: jealousy, resentment, anxiety, lies, worries, indecision, suspicion, forgetfullness, paranoia, apprehension, passive, victimization, controlling, competitive,obsessive or intrusive thoughts, poor concentration, self-doubt, bias, mental rigidity

Flower Essences: Pasque Flower, Muskmallow, & Verbena bonariensis

Gem Essences of Heliodore, Rose Quartz, & Yellow Kunzite

Essential Oil of Lavender


Heart Chakra Aromamist

The “seat” of higher emotions such as tenderness, compassion, unconditional love, & universal truths, idealism, healing, devotion, care for others, generosity, selflessness

Patterns of imbalance: anxiety, indecision, disillusionment, loss of faith, transition, co-dependant, jealousy, poor boundaries, fear of intimacy, sensitivity, disorientation, crisis, mood swings

Flower Essences: Apple, Bleeding Heart, & Pink Yarrow

Gem Essences of Chrysocholla & Rose Quartz

Essential Oil of Jasmine


Throat Chakra Aromamist

Communication, creative focus, self-expression, speaking your truths, initiative, responsibility, good listening skills, sense of timing

Patterns of imbalance: fear of speaking, poor listener, apathy, failure, limitations, creative blocks, self-reproach, lack of creative focus, lack of faith in personal vision, scattered, suppressed grief or anger

Flower Essences: Calendula, Iris, and Love in a Mist

Gem Essences of Aquamarine & Chrysocholla

Essential Oil of Eucalyptus


Third Eye Chakra Aromamist

Intuitive knowlege, spiritual vision, true wisdom, good memory, symbolic thought patterns, perceptive

Patterns of imbalance: dependance, poor memory, unfulfilled desires, delusions, poor imagination, aloofness, alienation, feelings of invincibility, dependancies, nightmares

Flower Essences: Clary Sage, Foamflower, & Lupine

Gem Essences of Hiddenite, Moonstone, & Topaz

Essential Oil of Cedarwood


Crown Chakra Aromamist

Ability to perceive & assimilate, knowledge & enlightenment, open minded, spirituality, creativity, merging with basic identity of all that is, higher self

Patterns of imbalance: fear of death, mental imbalance, obsession, phobias, hysteria, neurosis, susceptible to psychic attacks, extreme sensitivity, paranoia, fear of insanity, vulnerability to negative thought forms, rigid belief systems

Flower essences: Blue Star Creeper, Lavender, & Thimbleberry

Gem Essences of Kyanite, Peacock Rock & Topaz

Essential Oil of Rose Geranium


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