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"Soccer is good fun for everyone..."

General Questions

Who can I talk to about soccer?

You can call and talk to me at 943-1938. I am involved with soccer in a lot of different ways in this area. (While my wife does know a lot I would prefer you talk to me in the evening. It would also help if you reviewed these FAQs to save a bit of time.)

When is soccer played in the area?

Soccer is happening just about all year around. There are adult leagues in all four seasons. The primary youth leagues play in the summer with some other activties in Spring and Fall, details are found in the rest of these FAQs.

Where is soccer played?

Everywhere! Review the remainder of these FAQs to find out where.

Where can I play?

Check out the 'pickup' schedule on the pickup page. And check out the league schedules on the schedules page.

Why play soccer?

If you are looking at this question I assume you haven't played before. First, of all it is a lot of fun. Second, soccer folks are a lot of fun to be around. Third, soccer is wonderful exercise with limited costs or injury potential.

How to play?

Depending on your age there are many opportunities to learn to play, details are found in the rest of these FAQs.

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