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  • athleticlift.com/
    soccer tips and advice
  • coachingamericansoccer.com/
    good soccer resource website
  • dtisoccer.com/
    soccer equipment DTI in Tacoma soccer uniforms etc.
  • goalseattle.com/Olympia/Oly/
    fan driven local soccer site
  • goalwa.wordpress.com/
    local Washington soccer site
  • goalwa.wordpress.com/
    Washington state soccer site
  • iSoccerMom.com/
    soccer misc. sites a site for soccer parents
  • pickupsoccergames.pbwiki.com/
    soccer, find a pickup game
  • scoreboard.nscaa.com/
    soccer league/team College Soccer site
  • soccer365.com/
    soccer general info Soccer 365 Information
  • soccerpost.com/
    soccer equipment and apparel
  • soccerresort.com/
    soccer travel Soccer Tournaments in the Sun
  • soccersquared.com/
    soccer general information and resources
  • soccertv.com/
    soccer general info soccer on Television info
  • soccertv.com/foxwo.cfm
    soccer TV info Fox Sports World (US)
  • worldsoccer.com/
    soccer news site ...
  • worldsoccershop.com/
    soccer equipment, especially replica gear ...
  • www.90soccer.com/
    soccer general info 90:00 Minutes Soccer Magazine
  • www.adultsoccer.com/
    soccer index pages North American Adult Soccer Tournament Index
  • www.afordawards.co.uk/Page/32/soccer-terms.aspx
    soccer instruction terms
  • www.AllAmericanSportsWare.com/
    soccer software League Administration Software
  • www.backofthenet.com/
    soccer regional pages Eastern New York Soccer Info
  • www.bhsoccercomplex.org/
    Black Hills Soccer Complex
  • www.bigsoccer.com/
    soccer general info general soccer info
  • www.capitalcityfcinc.com/
    local soccer team website
  • www.championshipproductions.com/
    soccer instruction Books and videos
  • www.cometssoccer.com/
    soccer league/team Dallas Comets SC
  • www.dfeeters.com/
    soccer organization D'Feeters - Dallas Soccer Club
  • www.equip-used.com/
    soccer equipment equip-used.com an online embroidery company
  • www.euro-sportring.com/
    soccer travel European Soccer Tours
  • www.fcgreaterboston.com/
    soccer league/team FC Greater Boston
  • www.footballjokes.co.uk/
    soccer misc. sites English soccer jokes
  • www.foxsportsworld.com/
    soccer general info a site about the soccer-est channel
  • www.free-football.tv/
    watch soccer online
  • www.full90.com/
    soccer equipment head protection
  • www.globalsoccerministries.org/
    soccer church together
  • www.goalserve.com/
    soccer online scores service
  • www.goldengoalssoccercamp.com/
    local soccer camp
  • www.goldenwestsports.com/
    soccer tournament/travel
  • www.gotsoccer.com/
    soccer camps/general info/tournaments/index pages resource site
  • www.logical-solutions.com/
    soccer software League Organizer
  • www.nwsoccer.org/
    soccer camps Northwest Soccer Camp
  • www.objectivo.com/
    soccer community resource site
  • www.pumasfc.com/
    soccer club Pumas Futbol Club and Academy - Keller, Texas
  • www.qdtmoritz.com/
    soccer equipment The Moritz Embroidery Works Inc.
  • www.sanjuansoccer.org/
    soccer league/team San Juan Soccer Club
  • www.socceramerica.com/
    soccer general info Soccer Newspaper's
  • www.soccercampbytheocean.com/
    soccer camps
  • www.soccergoalsonline.com/
    one stop-shop for quality Soccer Goals
  • www.soccerhall.org/
    US National Soccer Hall of Fame
  • www.soccerjuice.com/forum-7.html
    UK Soccer Forums
  • www.soccernet.com/
    soccer general info ESPN Soccer news
  • www.soccerplus.com/
    soccer equipment Replica Jerseys
  • www.soccerrom.com/
    soccer instruction some soccer coaching stuff here
  • www.soccerspot.com/
    soccer general info soccer news
  • www.soccerticketsonline.com/
    soccer info and tickets site
  • www.socco.com/
    soccer misc. sites Socco, the soccer skills game
  • www.solidsoccer.com/
    soccer instruction Instructional video for everyone, entry level
  • www.soundersfc.com/
    soccer league/team Seattle Sounders fan site
  • www.sportogo.com/
    soccer equipment inflatable soccer goals and big ball
  • www.superyleague.com/
    soccer league/team Super Y League, National Youth League
  • www.svicsa.com/
    soccer club South Vancouver Island Classics' Soccer Association - Victoria,BC
  • www.themedifastplan.com/feature-articles/soccer-drills/
    soccer drills/practice exercises
  • www.thesoccerproject.com
    pick-up soccer/football games around the planet
  • www.tisworld.com/
    soccer travel soccer travel folks
  • www.tournamentseek.com/
    soccer tournaments Tournament Finder Site
  • www.usclubsoccer.com/
    soccer league/team US Club Soccer
  • www.uslsoccer.com/
    soccer league/team United Soccer Leagues site
  • www.ussoccer.4mg.com/
    book "US Soccer vs The World"
  • www.ussoccer.com/
    soccer regional pages United States Soccer, National Assoc site
  • www.usyouthsoccer.org/
    soccer youth resources and news
  • www.wembleysoccer.com/
    local soccer shop
  • www.whatcomsoccer.com/
    soccer regional pages Whatcom County WA soccer site
  • www.worldsoccershop.com/
    soccer equipment World Soccer Shop
  • www.worldsoccerweekly.com/
    soccer general info soccer news
  • www.wsysa.com/
    soccer regional pages Washington State Youth Soccer Assoc. site
  • youthsoccermonth.org/
    soccer activist site ...
  • gesoccernets.com/
    soccer equipment
  • www.sport-fitness-advisor.com/soccertraining.html
    soccer training advice
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