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Youth Soccer FAQs

What is the program?

There are a fair number of opportunities for the kids depending on their ages.

  • The YMCA starts with kids as young as three, contact them for programs.
  • TCYSA (see 'Organizations' section) starts with kids at age five. The Lacey/Tumwater/Olympia is divided into five sub-regions along school district lines.
    • The first two summers of play is "super modified" or "micro" soccer. Kids play 3v3 in a clinic/camp environment. The period of play depends on the area of town you live in.
    • The next three summers of development is "modified" or "mini" soccer. They play 5v5 thru 7v7 games on small fields. The games are played in late June and through July at fields throughout the area.
    • From approximately ten years of age and up the youth are involved in full 11 vs 11 soccer on full sized fields. The recreational program also plays in late June and through July at various fields.
  • South Sound Select Futbol Club provides a more competitive soccer opportunity for youth aged 12 through 18. The club operates a limited number of teams at each age level for both girls and boys. The selection process occurs in March with practice through the summer and games all through the Fall. Depending on their competitive capabilities they will play along the I-5 corridor or even across the entire state.
  • Blackhills Football Club operates in a similar fashion to South Sound Select but with a higher price-tag and expectations. All the coaches are paid and the club, though new, is a wonderful addition to the local soccer 'family'.
  • School district programs.
    • All the high schools play a girls program in the Fall and a boys program in the Spring.
    • Middle school soccer is making a come-back for girls. The Olympia and Tumwater schools play a season in February and March. For the Lacey schools check with your school office.

Who do I contact?

For the Youth recreational program you will need to contact the club in your area for specific answers. I have tried to provide contact information for all the local organizations via the organizations page.

What about the parks and recreation departments?

Almost all of the youth programs are run by the volunteer organizations I have already mentioned. Thurston County Parks and Recreation Department (TCPRD) does provide some administrative support where the clubs have contracted with them.

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