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Great Cuisine Dancers

Due to family needs, Kashani is no longer doing the scheduling for dancers at this venue. If you would like to dance or get more info about dancing at Great Cuisine, please contact Amira at amiraofseattle@aol.com.

Great Cuisine of India Restaurant
116 4th Ave W (downtown Olympia)
Reservations: (360)943-3442

Many thanks to Jaleh for starting this wonderful dance opportunity in 2005!

----- See our other photos over the years...

Come out to the Great Cuisine of India Restaurant for an
evening of great entertainment!

Cordelia, Wee Goth, Kashani and Maja, 2014

Kashani, 2014

Maja, Kashani, Mira Mahsati, Janina, Cordelia, 2013

Maja and Mira Mahsati, 2014

Mas Uda, 2013

Ready for yummy Indian food

Zemira, Janaan, and Kashani of Mas Uda - at the Great Cuisine of India restaurant 2006



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