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Samara has had the pleasure of being a teacher and performer in the Pacific Northwest for over two decades. She has been gifted with opportunities to dance, teach, and learn with a family of friends throughout the Pacific Northwest. She spent several years as part of the multi award winning duet the Bijou Project, while engaging in other collaborations such as Nagamani and Dejaba. Samara lives in the Albany, Oregon area. Her current ventures include Jasmine Moon Tribal, and solo works.
Zulaika discovered the joyous, celebratory music and dance of the Arab cultures in 1975 - it has been her passion ever since! Here career includes performing as a soloist at Arabic restaurants and weddings in Minneapolis, a founding member of the Jawaahir Dance Company, and teacher of beginner through advanced dance students at the Cassandra school. In addition to studying with master teacher Cassandra Shore, Zulaika has traveled nationally and internationally to study with master teachers learning Raqs Sharqi and regional dances of Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Algeria. Since moving to Seattle in 2007, Zulaika has continued to travel, to study, and to share her passion through classes, workshops, performances, and educational programs.
And the schedule -

March 15th - discount for workshops - each workshop is set up as an event on Mas Uda Dancers Facebook page.

both workshops for $50 - additional contributions are more than welcome!

Payment can be made with FB pay to Kashani Berube or with Paypal - contact Kashani for the paypal info.

Saturday April 6th

Doors open for set up at 8:30

9:00 or 9:30 - open

10-noon - workshop - Zulaika's Classic Egyptian Moves $35

12-1:00 lunch on your own-Here is a schedule for the day


12:30 - registration for afternoon workshop

1:00 - 2:30 - workshop - Samara's Tribal Combos $30

3:30-6:00 hafla style show, entry by donation - vending closes after intermission.

7:00 - dinner/drinks/celebrate

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