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About Us

Med Fest July 16, 2016

Mas Uda performing Wadeelo Salamy with just zills at Evening at the Oasis 2008

Why go to the Middle East when you can experience Egypt in the Northwest?

The art of Middle Eastern dancing has been practiced for over 2000 years and is still being enjoyed by performer and audience alike! - The intriguing rhythms are mesmerizing. Mas Uda mans 'happy' or 'fortunate', and we are known for our enthusiasm! - We feel fortunate to dance because of the joy it brings to us and to our audience. And don't forget the costumes! Beautiful and unusual costumes, handmade from yards of unique and exotic fabrics, coins and thousands of beads - so fun to wear!

Our troupe is composed of women of all ages, sizes and walks of life. Our common thread is our passion for the art, music, and exercise of Middle Eastern dance. By profession, we are: - State workers, school teachers, students, healthcare workers, and others. We are a responsible group of women who met through our love of international music and dance, and we have become friends through our involvement with dancing.

Mas Uda formed in 1989 through the intermediate Middle Eastern dance class at the Olympia Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department. - The troupe now meets independently of the Parks Department on Thursday evenings at The Women's Club, 1002 Washington Street SE (between the capital campus and downtown). We are supported by paying performances and class fees. -

Members of Mas Uda Middle Eastern Dancers perform throughout the Northwest and provide an exciting dance experience. - We perform both traditional and modern cabaret dances, combining many styles. We perform sword, cane, basket, and candle dances which demonstrate dramatic balancing and coordination; and graceful veil dances, as well as exciting high-energy shimmy dances (just to name a few!) We donate many performances to the community every year. - -

We host an annual "Sojourn at the Oasis" workshops and performance to benefit a variety of local charities. Our next fundraiser is set for April 6, 2024. Our most recent one raised over $2,000 for a local cat/kitten rescue.

The Troupe Director and instructor, Kashani (a long-time Olympia resident who has been belly dancing since 1989) offers classes and workshops in dance, Middle Eastern rhythms, and finger cymbals, among other topics.

Interested in joining our troupe?

Mas Uda Middle Eastern Dancers is accepting new members - please contact Kashani.

Special Occasion? Rent a dancer!

You can rent a dancer or dancers for birthday parties and other special occasions. Make your next celebration unique and memorable with live bellydancing.

Or throw a Belly Dance Party!

What sort of party is a belly dance party? -

Well, you get a bunch (or a few!) of your women friends together - and Kashani and members of Mas Uda bring the party to you! - This includes a dance lesson and use (during the party) of veils and hip scarves, as well as a short performance by Kashani. Kashani will bring the music, too! - A fun way to relax and celebrate that special birthday, - promotion or other transition in your life (or a friend's life!).

For more info, contact Kashani

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