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You are an incredible facilitator/priestess. Each week I am more moved and impressed by your ability to read the room and move with us and help to guide us. The music is always so right on and is so moving for me. Music has always moved me and I am often surprised and love what you play each night. I have deep respect and gratitude for you and your amazing skills at working with a group and within a group.

Wonderful class last night! Challenging and fun, and I was taken by surprise by all the tears that came quite suddenly when I put my hands over my heart. I'm still thinking about it and feeling it. Zowie. 58 years old, 23 years of intentional focus on healing, and there is still so much to learn and heal. I've been guided to the right place, though, and I'm so grateful and excited.

"She is not only a wonderful teacher but also has a real gift for working with music."

Thank you for providing such a beautiful space, inspired yoga and an incredibly healing practice.

I can't even tell you how healing it has been for me, how much I relish it in so many ways. I am so thankful to you and to all of us for creating and holding the space. You are a gifted teacher and your being is so fun, so loving and so real. Thank you!

My heart is overflowing with gratitude; there IS so much magnificence! Thank you dear Jessica Ryan for opening your arms to me this morning.Thank you for your medicine and spreading the nectar, and thank you for bringing Kundalini Yoga to Olympia which is helping sustain my connection to God; my heart has never been so open, love, love, love is all we need. (((?)))

I feel a great gratitude towards you for my rebirth and inspiration to teach yoga. I miss you and your wonderful classes oh so much. More than I can express!

Kundalini Yoga is such a huge blessing that I can't put it into words.

Very happy to be able to participate in these healing stretches. I often have tingling sensations, sometimes in my cheeks, sometimes in the palms of my hands (happened during the mantras surrounding healing :). Sometimes I have sensations in muscles all over my body where I'm tingling and I'm almost afraid I won't be able to move certain muscles again. It's like they are falling asleep - but different, and not when there is restriction of blood flow. It must be what it really feels like to breath into your body =) And I cry, and I'm so happy to be where I am. It feels so good to be reaching as deep as I am.

I want you to know how much I am aware of a hugely important thing (to me)...I have been noticing I am carrying myself in a new way (and loving life). I feel so much gratitude for your helping me learn how to fully be in my body, to embody my life. To express my tallest, truest self. Oh, I feel a little "Verklempht" (however you say/spell it!).

Thank you Jessica for all you do in creating such beautiful classes filled with amazing music, beautiful breath, love, laughter, and tears. My life changed forever after that first class I took back in October.

It is like this yoga is a straight shot to the soul.

"Kundalini yoga was the yoga I discovered in my early 20's when yoga was first revealed to me, while living in Alaska . For 20 years I have roamed since then, always looking to re-discover that beloved practice, as I have done many other types since then, and never to quite the satisfaction of that 'first yoga'. Now, with Jessica---I am so VERY gratified to have found my home again. It was perfect for me as a beginner, and now I find its threads run deeper and more whole in me than with any other form of body movement. I come out of a session of Kundalini with Jessica completely contented, calm, strengthened to my core - both physically and mentally It somehow allows anyone, from beginner to advanced, to benefit from it's gifts. And how much more fun could that name be: Kundalini!!"

...this is a remarkable class.

Hello Friends, I wouldn't normally send such an email, but I've met a very powerful yoga instructor, Jessica Ryan, and want to introduce her to you. Jan and I spent several years in Alaska (1980's) learning Kundalini yoga from a Sikh man we were lucky to connect with have been trying to replicate the experience, through many different teachers, ever since. Jessica Ryan is the first we've found that teaches this form of yoga, which combines all the body movement you'd expect, along with the special energy work that Kundalini yoga is known for. But it's not just the style of yoga that makes me recommend this, it's also due to Jessica's presence as she guides it - she's like a sprite - uplifting, delicate and powerful. I come away from these classes having done physical, psychic, and spiritual work, all in one. It's transformative and I want everyone to know about it in case they're interested.

"I am so glad that the Universe opened the door for me to meet Jessica and attend her Kundalini yoga classes. The Shakti Sanctuary is truly a sanctuary and Jessica provides and holds the space for one to open up to the Kundalini energy in a safe and supportive way. This is the type of yoga class that I have been looking for! It combines movements, sounds, chanting, singing and toning to help one feel more integrated as well as allowing for spiritual opening

I also appreciate how Jessica follows the energy of what the group needs and incorporates whatever is needed to help us move any stagnant energy. The movement of the energy has brought up my joy bubbles, with laughter following which oftentimes feels like playtime. How great is that!"

"I just can't tell you often enough how your presence and teaching help me to improve my life!"

Thank you again for such a wonderful class this morning! I just had to tell you that when we were on the heart chakra and you said to send love out to the person(s) that we loved most- i sent that love to my two kids and when I got out to the car I had texts from both of them-both with beautiful messages. They had sent them within 2 minutes of eachother and it was right at the time I sent them the love. It felt so good and vailidated that love is the most powerful thing on this planet. ........

I feel that I'm finally getting back on my path- thank you very much for your loving presence

Your teaching is miraculous. I am feeling more balanced physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. I can stand on one foot pretty easily now, where it very recently was a struggle. My body is generally more at ease with itself. I feel an openness in my core, and also a gentle strength and agility there. It's as though I have more self to settle into. Or, the barriers to self are more permeable than before.

I have some issues with my body remembering old responses that leaves it clenched and aching. There is more ease in my body lately that seems to come with this practice, it's as though I can re-member natural clean responses. Honoring what is there and loving it and moving it seems to open channels to past and future that makes the present a clearer place to be in.

I am still integrating so my brain doesn't quite understand what is happening and I get really spacey. I'm looking for that balance of being a creative oceanic being in a world of linear time in a new way. Trying to let the judgement from others that I am not enough - not organized enough, assertive enough, timely enough - wash over me and fall away into the abyss. I believe in my heart that a new model of being is being birthed right now, where the creative forces we bring must have a lot more space. Kundalini Yoga nurtures that in me, and with more practice I can be in the world in a new way that shows others a different choice than we have been making for a long long time.

I used to feel so sad about being different. Now I mostly feel grateful because it means I started on a path that others need to learn to walk.

Your method of teaching is especially refreshing. You have a certain mastery, yet you still have beginners mind. Your delight and joy in this work shines through when you are certain and when you are uncertain.

I love you for making this so.


To all you beautiful ladies... thank you all for allowing me to feel safe enough to cry my heart out yesterday and be peacefully witnessed and heard and held as I let go...I felt really silly afterwards as these kind of cries are really hard for me to have and especially to do in front of others... so thank you... it seems as if we all had something to let go of yesterday and how beautiful it was that we all could do it!!!! I am looking so forward to this yoga class and going deeper with all of you!

Yes, yes, I feel so blessed to begin my Friday mornings with you all in such tenderness, rawness, and deep wisdom. It feels like a prayer I am doing for myself, to the bigger Self, with your beautiful selves. Although I felt a wide spectrum of emotions during and after (feelings of embarrassment, sadness, joy, connection and then disconnection, all of it) what was so beautiful was that it was safe to feel all of that, to let it flow without stopping it.

Jessica Ryan is a Goddess on earth. She’s not only a warm, kind, and compassionate woman, she radiates positive energy and good vibes felt by anyone in her vicinity. She is a true spiritual leader. My life took some very interesting and exciting paths this year and I found myself searching for a spiritual outlet shortly before my Saturn Return began. I decided to try out Jessica’s Shakti Sanctuary with an elementary understanding of what Kundalini is. I was very excited to learn more about it and gain more control of my body. I was initially intimidated by the aspect of singing and chanting as I am often shy around groups of people outside of my friendship circle. This shyness drastically affects my ability to describe feelings or thoughts to others aloud. Some days are very good for me and I am able to articulate myself easily with passion and conviction; other days, I can’t string a sentence together, which is very frustrating when trying to convey an important message. As soon as class began that first time and the other women sang loudly and harmonically I felt very comfortable joining in as I can hear how my voice contributes to the overall sound…and it didn’t break any windows! I anticipate this to be an ongoing struggle, however I do feel as though I am making breakthroughs. I know that as I let go of my fears, I will gain that much more from the practice. Beyond the yoga and singing, the sanctuary gives me the opportunity to sit, listen and talk with very special and remarkable women doing amazing things. I am inspired by the creative means in which they share their skills and gifts with the community. Any fears I had of being forced into a mainstream environment as a means of making a living are completely gone. I have gained a much better understanding of how to develop and share my own gifts and what my next steps are. My experience has been healing and given me so much clarity. I would recommend the sanctuary to all the women in my life and I even intend to share aspects of it with my Girl Scout troop. If there is one thing this world needs more of, it’s women coming together in support of one another and sharing idea’s!
Megan Yeager

Bodywork comments:

Jessica is also an experienced bodyworker of 12 years and she has studied and practiced many different massage modalities. She has distilled her practice down to a sacred art form that is both subtle and deeply focused. She focuses on the body unwinding, integrating and opening the pathways for fluidity and essence to emerge. Jessica helps you activate the healing power within you in a relaxing and supportive space. She holds deep compassion and presence for one's opening and healing and is most humble to the power and flow of spirit. Essential oils are incorporated as well to help inspire, relax and deepen your journey.

Jessica has been my massage therapist for several years. Every appointment with her is a joy, blending physical and spiritual renewal. Each visit to Wisteria Moon Studio is an escape to a tranquil place, guided toward relaxation and healing by soft lighting, soothing music and pre-warmed linens on the table. Once positioned for the massage, it's customary for Jessica to place a warm lavender compress on my neck or upper back, or wherever else I might need it for that particular session. She begins by asking if there are any areas that recently have been injured or feeling tender. She spends extra time on any areas that are in need of work, but does so without neglecting or rushing over other areas. Her touch is always gentle but firm, sometimes massaging away sore muscles with hot stones. Jessica uses a very light balm for her massages, avoiding the unpleasant sliminess of heavy oils. She finishes with a light spritz of rose water over the table, signaling completion of the session. I always leave her studio in a completely different frame of mind than I brought with me upon entering.

I heartily recommend Jessica to anyone seeking a quality, compassionate, comforting massage.
Patty Henson, Olympia

Jessica's work is a beautiful integration of subtle healing and advanced bodywork. Her gentleness and compassion offer such a sacred and safe container for deep transformational work to occur. The physical space she offers her work in is also very beautiful and harmonious. This is so important as the level of vulnerability sometimes encountered in or prior to a session is so sensitive, and this being surrounded by beauty and harmony helps me to feel very nurtured and held. Jessica is very present and along with her innate softness, has the ability to be powerful and authentic. I appreciate all the levels she has witnessed and supported me through, and her gift of nurturing has been so valuable on my journey of healing and awakening.

I found myself wishing I had a massage appt today, then took a moment to realign, breathe, and find my place again, like you have suggested. Much better, but I'm still looking forward to my next appt. You somehow find each little twist & impingement and ease it away while I do nothing but relax and awaken in a gentle mist of lavender - no headache, renewed and ready to face the wonders of the day!

My Kundalini teacher Sada Simran recommended Jessica for an upcoming Goddess retreat I am planning on behalf of Unity. When I went to her site, I felt called to her "Goddess Unfolding" session and called her. When we connected via phone, I was met with the divine warmth of her presence and could feel her deep state of joy and gratitude. I booked her for my upcoming retreat and scheduled a private session.

When I met Jessica at Wisteria Moon, I was uplifted by her tender receptive presence and immediately felt safe and supported which allowed me to be open and vulnerable. Like Jessica her studio is a place of refuge, a sanctuary and a place of connection. She has a private room with a massage table where I laid down as she gently guided me through a presenceing in my body that brought me new awareness of my Kundalini energy as both male and female in the manifestation of the infinite. . From there she directed me towards my heart chakra and invited me to trust and step into the unknown. My heart opened to the RADIANT JOY that I AM. I felt deeply loved and nurtured by the energy that filled my body in waves and traveled up my spine to my crown chakra to fill the room. I was invited to surrender deeper into the mystery of the present moment. In this magical place, I was fresh and new again with the innocence of not knowing what will happen next and an ancient remembering of how to let go and flow. This was truly my spiritual Awakening! The wisdom of the infinite, the Divine, genderless, nameless and formless Goddess; I was home. I left wanting more of divine experience and am called to clear my body so I may experience spirit full time.
Holly, a seeker on the path

Hi Jessica, I thank you for your wonderful service to those who come to you for healing. My experience was heartfelt and gave me hope that I can continue on my journey to my true Self. It has helped me to open up more of my creative spirit. I feel I can trust you and appreciate your wisdom and love.

Jessica Ryan's kundalini yoga class is so powerful. At the end of every class I've come into this profound feeling of wholeness and divinity. It is this incredible experience where the stories that consumed my mind upon entering found their place within my own divine womb of safety and complete nourishment. And it is the real, incontrovertible *feeling* that her class weaves into existence. I am all too often someone who really does know that there is only God, that we are all one, but does not feel this deeply in my body, in my moment to moment interaction with the world. Maybe you are like me, in which case, join her class. Maybe you are feeling feeling feeling so much right now and just don't *know* what is divine presence, or you just don't remember, or you can't seem to discern between the chaos of your experience. Let me tell you, it is really simple. Join her class. Many times I've realized upon being with Jessica that she is absolutely shining with pure light and infinite love. How often do we get the chance to meet and be guided by someone like this? On a practical note, her classes are not abrasive or hard, though at times there is the invitation to challenge ourselves. If you are worried about money, talk to her. She doesn't want you to miss out on this either. She plays the most heart-opening, synchronistic music ever that we always get the chance to freely dance and sing to, and she concludes each class with a session of crystal bowl sound healing. Oh one more thing: I've yet to take a class without delicious raw food awaiting us in the end. The whole thing is just divine, inspiring, and delicious. With so much gratitude for being alive with Jessica Ryan, I recommend her classes to anyone open to spirt'reality and a deeply warming yoga practice. Blessings to you and your beauty'full journey home.
Molly Nagin

Speaking of gratitude, I feel so deeply grateful for the space offered by Jessica Ryan in her Kundalini Yoga classes. This is a space where through the practice, the integrity of the facilitator and the willingness of the participants, genuine movement and transformation is encouraged and stimulated to occur from within, at our own pace and within our own boundaries and capabilities. Much-needed integration and clarity - so refreshing. Thank you Awaken In Your Essence, Kundalini Yoga with Jessica Ryan!!!

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