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All My Relations:
A Shakti Sanctuary Kundalini Yoga retreat series
Cultivating Authentic Relationships Inside and Out

The Imaginal Self

December 15th

Dive into ourselves and our cells, and open our inner vision to what magic and dreams sustain us from within. Explore the dreams we may have been carrying since childhood, or may have neglected out of despair, thinking they are so far from 'reality'.

We will strengthen our intuition, open our third eye and deepen our trust in the soul's invitation to enchant us so that we may re-enchant the world.

After the retreat we may have the opportunity to walk in the dark night, with magic afoot, to the theaters and watch 'The Hobbit' together! Or you may simply want to quietly go home and sleep and dream some more. This retreat is open to both men and women.

Sliver of Light Retreat

January 12th

Let us quiet the mind and notice the delicate sparkle of inspiration within the vastness of our psyche that connects us simultaneously to Heaven and the rooted strength of 'being' that grounds us to the Earth and all it's family. We will open the spine, our bridge between the two realms and discover our ability to tap the faith and light that lives within us and connects us to Infinity. This retreat is open to men and women.

Click here to listen to one of my favorite poems by David Whyte called "Faith"

Aphrodite's Blessing

February 9th

A Shakti Sanctuary women's retreat

What will we discover and bring back from our depths? How can we honor the passion of grace, our inner-beauty and the part of us that may be shy but also may yearn to be seen and felt at least by ourself if not by the whole world? In this retreat we will call upon the Goddess Aphrodite to support us in holding our juicy creative luminous inner beauty with the deepest respect and love, which will in turn be the one of the greatest gifts we can bless the world with.

"Watch for all that beauty reflecting from you and sing a love song to your existence."

...and that we will.

Details... All of these Saturday retreats held at Wisteria Moon studio from 10-5 at 1423 Conger Ave. NW

$95/retreat (possible trading available)

Space is enough for an infinite eight and if you are called, join us for this adventure and register by emailing jessicamoon75@yahoo.com

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