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Free Store Volunteer/Working Member Job Description

  • Review the Journal for new items.
  • Approve, receive, and sort donations. (see list of acceptable items on Donations page)
  • Responsible for FreeStore cleanliness i.e. Sweeping, throwing away trash, and keeping donations off of the floor.
  • Disperse excess donations to accepting sites. (see list on Alternatives page)
  • Communicate with FreeStore and/or Working Member Coordinators about shift coverage/availability, concerns, ideas, etc.
  • Communicate and problem solve with community members or be able to ask for help.
  • Uphold the principles of the Olympia Food Co-op mission statement
  • Coordinate with dump runners or be able to delegate to someone that can or will.
  • Duties of a FreeStore attendant do not include supervising children, or discouraging anyone from taking anything. Attendants may reject donations due to lack of suitability, (flammable, torn, soiled, or nonfunctioning items) or lack of space.
  • If you cannot make your regular shift, first contact other FreeStore volunteers to find a substitute. If you cannot find a substitute, please call the Co-op and let someone on staff know you won't be there so they can post a sign on the FreeStore.

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