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For many years there was a 'Free Box' on the front porch of the westside store of the Olympia Food Co-op. And for many years it was usually a mess. Many folks tried to keep it clean, but it was a never-ending task. Finally after a few comments from the Health Department (I told you it was a 'real' mess) the Co-op decided they needed to close the Free Box. But a good idea doesn't go away. The Co-op decided to give it another try - this time with 'Working Members' (volunteers) to act as attendants. So in the summer of 2004 a hardy group of folks stripped everything out of the Free Box space. After cleaning, painting, and rebuilding the shelving the "FreeStore" re-opened! We have been gradually been adding volunteers to keep the store open as much as possible.

If anyone has additions to the above 'short history' please email it to me ...

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