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Dump Runners

If you arrive for a shift and the Freebox has received donations without an attendant and is not able to accommodate the items you may decide that some items need to be thrown away. There may not enough room in the trash dumpster. Once you decide that a dump run is needed you may either leave a message for the Freebox Coordinator (Rebeca) in the staff journal (inside the Co-op), call a dump runner and arrange for a pick up (see list of volunteers), or ask someone else to do this for you. If you arrange for a pickup on your own you can then coordinate with Co-op floor staff about how to pay for the dump run.

Volunteer Dump Runner Job Description

  • Hauls donations that are deemed trash by Freebox volunteer/Olympia Food Co-op Staff/or Freebox Coordinator - Coordinates with Olympia Food Coop Staff about reimbursement
  • Coordinates with Freebox Attendants/Olympia Food Co-op Staff/and/or Freebox Coordinator about suitable times to do the dump run.

Current Dump Runners:

  • Walt Sonnenstuhl - 943-8933
  • Carole Watson

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