Peace and rhythm...

Guidance and Etiquette

A Little Bit About Drumming Together

Drumming can be a great way to release tension, have fun, explore the creative part. of your brain, and also get some exercise! For the most part, we do in the moment improvisational rhythms. If you have a rhythm feel free to start it and others can layer it how they wish. Some of us may happen to have more experience or knowledge but you don't need to be an expert. What is important is a desire to create, stay connected and to give the rhythm a chance to grow by listening and playing with an open heart and mind to each other's beats! Something as simple as playing a heartbeat is great. It can help to anchor the rhythm as well as make space for others to play on top of. Using hand percussion instruments such as the shaker. Tambourine, or wooden claves can be fun, simple and also add some very interesting textures and layers. We encourage everyone to have the confidence to create rhythms and to support others by playing! If for whatever reason you feel reluctant to play, good options are to just sit and listen, get up and take a break, do some stretches, or if the impulse strikes you, DANCE!

Drum Circle Etiquette

  • Please silence your cell phone if you can or put on vibrate. Please step away from the circle to take a personal call.
  • While it is natural to talk a bit between rhythms before we Segway into the next beat, please be mindful that people have come to drum. If you wish to carry on a long conversation, please step outside the circle far enough away so as to not distract others trying to play together.
  • Keep in mind the most important drum you bring to the circle is your eardrum. Before you drum, listen to the Rhythm that is being played then try to find beats to match or complement them. If you cannot hear the drums across from you try playing a little softer until you can.

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