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Covid Considerations

Updated 10/2/21

Please RSVP If you think you can attend Drumming in the Park At this point in time, It is helpful to get an idea of how many people will be in attendance in order for us to arrange spots for chairs ahead of time for the best of social distancing as well as balance of sound. We will try and leave an extra space or two for those who may come impromptu.

If you RSVP but can no longer make it or will be coming later please let us know if you possibly can ASAP. Thanks!

When sitting CLOSER THAN 6 FEET from those outside your household or covid pod, DO WEAR A MASK! Please still remain at least 6 FEET AWAY from others.

Please Note: Some people prefer to be at a farther social distance than others. Wearing a mask is optional when sitting at least 6 feet from others. I am going to try to bring colorful place markers if people might like to use them to mark off a preferred distance for others to not place their chairs past.

In Case of Rain, space under shelter is more limited. To keep dry, people may need to be closer than 6 feet.

Please bring your own chair if you desire one, and set it up as far from others as possible, but hopefully where others can still hear you!

Please bring your own drum. We are not generally bringing extra drums to the circle at this time. If I attend, I intend to try to bring some extra hand percussive things which I am not worried about sharing, however if you are, please bring your own. It is great to hear different percussive instruments in the mix! Hand sanitizer will be provided to use when switching out instruments between others.

Wearing a mask is optional If you are at least 6 feet from others In the drumming announcement I sent quite a few weeks back I requested feedback about mask wearing. I have still not received any objections To mask wearing starting to become optional Within the circle at 6 feet. The few of us who have been attending regularly are fully vaccinated, others who may come may not be vaccinated but we are out of doors and practicing social distancing. However if you approach others more closely please put on a mask.

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