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  Preserving and Maintaining Our Human and Ecological Well-Being

We can sustain our watersheds, which are so connected to our water quality and our well-being!

Applicable to regions around the world, this book is about our human and environmental qualities, with user-friendly concepts and how-to guides backed up by real life experiences. You will embark on a global tour -- from small towns to large cities -- demonstrating how an interactive, regional approach can look at many points of view, and focus on our shared goal for health, welfare and quality of life, now and in the future.

"A solution is now available for water systems caught between decreasing funding assistance and ever increasing regulations, demand and pollution. Toch proposes a new model for preserving hydrologic ecosystems and the life dependent upon them." (Jay Mashburn, P.E., Rural Community Assistance Corp.)

"Susan Toch defines (the) unbreakable connection between the condition of the environment in an area and the well-being of the people who live there." (Tony Hiss, The Experience of Place)

"Toch... link(s) medical and ecological factors (that) would show direct correlations between ecological damage and the specific illnesses people get." (The New Yorker)

"An important reference for agencies concerned with watershed management in many countries, for students... and for laymen who have to deal with community water problems. Interesting and carefully written... Dr. Toch knows how to write for the audience she is trying to reach." (Eugene Kozloff/Ph.D. Author and Professor or Zoology, Uriiversity of Washington, Friday Harbor Marine Labs)

"Dr. Toch shows how, to our loss", our Water systems reflect our lack of global consciousness* Bettef still, she teaches us how to deal with this challenge." (Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D., Institute of Global Education, Special NGO Consultant to the U.N. Economics and Social Council)

"In all of Susan's work, she takes an interdisciplinary approach. She sees nontrivial connections (between things) quicker than anyone else I know. Through her progressive work, Susan is showing how important this is!" (Arnold Schultz, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Ecology, University of California, Berkeley)

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Dr. Susan Toch brings a wealth of experience in developing effective watershed management strategies tnat incorporate interdisciplinary (and interagency collaborations. (She) stresses that a unified management approach is integral to the maintenance and protection of viable watersheds." (Fresh2 Outlook, British Columbia)

Connecting & Maintaining Water Flows for All

Land Use Hydrology, Community Health, Environmental Planning,
Technical Assistance, Education and Training

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