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Dance Fragrance Free Please
For the benefit of all dancers, please come fragrance free. That means any fragrance from any body care products: Shampoos, after-shaves, laundry products, lotions and any products that include perfumes. Many of our dancers have serious allergies with breathing challenges when exposed to these products.

Our dance is an important cultural community event and children are welcome to be present. Adults are encouraged to interact and have fun with the young people, and to dance with those who want to participate.

We provide no special activities or supervision for the children. All children must be supervised by an adult. If your children are not dancing please come prepared with quiet activities for them to do on the side bench.

To ensure everyone's safety and well being three basic rules are essential:

  1. No running or climbing.
  2. Only dancers may be on the dance floor while a dance is in progress.
  3. No children on the stage at any time.

Hints and etiquette

What is contra dancing?

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