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Quantum Message

Healing From Anywhere On Earth

Jonny Kobylus, NTP

Release anything preventing you from reaching your full potential!

Painful memories and trapped emotions can have a far greater effect on our lives and daily living than most people have ever thought possible. Quantum Message Emotional Releasing technique can help you release those blocks that prevent you from achieving health, vitality, happiness, success and love in your life.

The Benefits of the Quantum Message Technique:
Release emotional blocks allowing you to move forward in your life
Increase inner peace and allow for a quieter mind
Reduce and more successfully manage daily stress
Achieve deeper sleep
Increase mental clarity
Release emotional components to pain

There is a vast connection between mind, emotions and body. Our subconscious mind comprises 90% of our being. In the background, like a computer hard drive, our subconscious brain remembers every detail of our life. By accessing the subconscious through the Quantum Message Emotional Release technique, we can help the body begin to heal by ridding the mind of the unnecessary baggage of negative thoughts and memories that often prohibit us from attaining optimal health. We can heal our body by communicating with the subconscious. Kinesiology (muscle testing) can facilitate this communication.

The fuel of our overall being is energy. Everything at a basic level is energy. Generally speaking, our body handles energy easily; it enters us, flows through, then dissipates. Energy from negative emotions, however, can become blocked. This energy becomes denser as it remains in one spot until it becomes stuck and can no longer move through proper energy channels. If blocked emotional baggage is not cleared, one often ends up consulting it on a daily basis. Quantum Message Emotional Release can dispel negative patterns, unproductive belief systems, and unnecessary, meddlesome emotions.

Trapped emotions can be removed by acupuncture, prayer, exercise, tapping, meditating, just to mention a few modalities. Quantum Message Emotional Release works with your Higher Self, asking yes or no questions, using muscle testing to identify the emotions needing to be released. Utilizing energy to move energy, once the conscious mind becomes aware of a negative thought pattern, it is released with a magnet or zero point wand. The most important part of this procedure is your intention coupled with the desire to release negativity.

Set your negative patterns free! Release unproductive belief systems! Allow your Inner Wisdom to reveal immune challenges, structural issues or nutritional deficiencies that stand in the way of achieving optimal health. Make an appointment for a Distance or Proxy healing session.

Thank you!

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