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E N E R G Y ! !

The Energy Connection That Allows Energy Healing To Work

  • Children Playing * Lightening Storm * Crashing Tides *
  • Wind In The Trees * Earth Hurling Through Space *

    These are all obvious energy forms. But each tiny molecule of our ocean, all children and the soil on earth are also energy - the same identical energy.

    Quantum physics has demonstrated that everything is connected.

  • Energy (vibration) is in everything within and around us. I call it Life Force. This Force moves within every cell creating energy fields inside, extending around the body, constantly vibrating and sending signals out to the Universe like a ripple in water. If one throws two rocks into a calm lake, the ripple from each rock will eventually meet. Thus, energy is in constant flux, always moving.

    With intention, two people can connect their energies across space. Energy transcends space – no matter what the distance. We acknowledge the unseen bond between parent and child or twins. In healing arts, practitioners train to create a similar connection with clients, allowing healing from anywhere on Earth.

    The growth of a human being begins with two cells of energy. Energy from DNA schools the cells to multiply, to form specific tissue which creates specific organs in a specific order – the order required to create human life. After that first breath, new energies begin to influence this new life. Food, air, water, emotions, sensation and the energy fields of others all shape who we are today and create a pattern of energy in and around us. Our appearance, our daily experiences, our thoughts & feelings may differ, but the energy with and without is the same and connects us all. The energy in power lines, gravity, the moon, and in magnetic energy vibrating throughout planet earth is the same energy surrounding each one of us.

    Regardless of the distance separating a practitioner and client, they can connect energetically. With intention and permission a trained practitioner is able to tap into her client’s energy field. Distance healing, in the form I offer, can release emotions that no longer serve us. Utilizing kinesiology (muscle testing) we can discover answers to health issues that are already known to one’s subconscious mind. Once the root of the issue is identified, I incorporate a range of clearing techniques to remove blocks in the energy field. Since we are all connected, releasing negative energy and emotions helps increase feelings of wellbeing within yourself and our world.

    So there you are, far away from where I am, connected by the same energy that connects us all…but we are going to hold the intention to contact each other’s Life Force, you by allowing and me by creating the space to receive. Transmit and receive. Distance Healing operates like telephone service. I dial your number, and of all the people in the world, you are the one that answers the phone. For many of us, the concept of human energy connection is easier to understand than the world wide web.

    Let’s remove unnecessary energies, one person at a time!

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