'94 Settlement Agreement Subset
'94 Settlement Agreement
Caring for our natural neighborhood...


Just wanted to say I very much appreciate getting your support in signing this supplement agreement. Thought you might be interested in seeing what Department of Ecology is saying about this deal: http://www.ecy.wa.gov/puget_sound/Dupont-area_agreement.html

We released information on the agreement Friday, in conjunction with the Department of Ecology and the project proponent, CalPortland. The Daily Olympian and The News Tribune have been the first to pick up the story.

Hope to see someone from your team at the next big step: bringing this deal to the people of DuPont.

Cara Mitchell was the editor of the Hometown Clipper when they folded the tent a couple of months ago. She has been following this issue for years, and has done a spectacular job of linking up the story.

Here is the Summary Settlement Outreach Presentation (The one we used the other night (June 30) to start the public outreach phase of this thing.) The City has that document posted -- http://www.ci.dupont.wa.us/files/library/8736c0166d8c505c_o.pdf

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