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Medicine of Place celebrates the beautiful Cascadia bioregion through exploration of its abundant and diverse flora. Combining art and narrative, this book and card deck connect people with native plants, fostering relationships that deepen over time. Artist Karen Lohmann has created thirty-three chalk pastel portraits of Cascadian wildflowers, while writer Julia Brayshaw highlights the essential patterns and ecology of each plant. The reader learns how, when, and where to encounter these wildflowers, and becomes aware of their interface with our own processes. The written portraits express the textures, designs, and rhythms underlying both human and wild nature. Medicine of Place is a curriculum for falling in love with nature, offering an experience of belonging.

The Medicine of Place cards and book have many applications for education and nature awareness, and as tools for self reflection and divination.

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The Cards: 33 chalk pastel wildflower portraits; 6 x 4 inches; sturdy with protective coating
The Book: softcover; 213 pgs.; includes black & white photos of each wildflower

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