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Nitrogen Fixers

Nitrogen fixers are the pioneer species of the forest. They provide quick nutrients to support the growth of plants that will follow. Nitrogen fixers are crucial for supporting the beginnings of an ecosystem. In permaculture gardens, we try to collect as many different species of nitrogen fixers as possible. Alder, Locusts, Lupines, Scotch Broom, and Autumn Olive are examples of nitrogen fixers.

In urban environments, nitrogen fixers are analogous to the things that lend inspiration to follow the dream of sustainable futures. Nitrogen fixers present pioneering ideas that catalyze future growth. Shops are sprouting up around the country that focus on local products. These shops are nitrogen fixers as they are educating the population about the need to focus our energy in our local environment by providing attractive and functional products made by our neighbors. Creative individuals often come into shops like these and get ideas about how they can make some things that they need in their lives.

Independent media could be seen as another example of a nitrogen fixer. These folks are out spreading facts and ideas that are being muted by the general media system. The journalists that work on independent media are responsible for educating the population about issues that are significant, but hard to learn about through conventional means.

The act of nitrogen fixing in an urban environment is often created in the form of artistic expression. Artistic expression grabs peopleís attention and provokes an emotional response. Studies have shown that a significant emotional experience is required to promote change in a personís life. Through puppetry, visual art, dance, or other means of artistic expression, we can explore our current environmental situation and invoke our creativity to discover empowering responses for the future.

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