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Invasive Weeds

Invasive weeds are plants that dominate a system and create imbalance. Patrick Whitefield, the author of the Earth Care Manuel, calls a weed a plant that you have used/eaten enough of. All plants have uses and fit into a natural system somewhere. Plants get invasive when they do not fit appropriately or in balance.

If we truly incorporate the permaculture principles into our lives, it becomes clear what elements of our urban environments are the invasive weeds. It is important to seek and honor diversity instead of the monocropping of the world. Chain stores, stores that support unfair labor practices, corporations that take advantage of the needs of others are all examples of invasive weeds in our society. Places that are based on non-renewable energy systems for longer than the time of system establishment are invasive weeds. As we explore how to create a sustainable future, we must examine the ways that we make choices.

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