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Dynamic Accumulators

Plants that bind nutrients in the soil and make them available to other plants in the community are called dynamic accumulators. This is a general term for any plant that has this quality, regardless of the nutrients that they provide. Nitrogen fixers are pioneering dynamic accumulators. Other plants provide calcium, phosphorous, iron, etc. If we aim to have these plants planted throughout our gardens, we can provide for the nutrient needs of other plants. Often, dynamic accumulators have another function, too. Examples of dynamic accumulators include: Chickweed, Sorrel, Brassicas, Chamomile, and Yarrow.

If dynamic accumulators are plants that provide nourishment for other plants, then a parallel can be drawn to places/people/events that provide nourishment for our communities. Some examples include: food coops, organizations that provide resources for energy saving practices, libraries, healers, and educational events. Micro loans and credit unions could be viewed as dynamic accumulators, increasing our wealth as a community.

Dynamic accumulators can also be viewed as plants that conserve resources. Examples in the urban setting include building reuse sites and second hand stores and places that support sharing of resources (such as bikes, cars, tools, etc). Through sharing, we can store energy within our system and distribute it amongst the members as it is needed.

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