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"What price growth...?"

Impact fees about fairness, honesty

The rhetoric regarding impact fees has gone on long enough. The developers who pay them don't like them, the residents of Thurston County who subsidize growth through never ending tax increases are angry and rightfully so.

It is time to end this charade and shell and pea game. The undeniable fact is that growth is very costly in terms of finances and our natural environment.

The question is who should pay the bill. Let's stop hiding behind emotional props like affordable housing and seek fair and compassionate solutions. If affordable housing is something we all collectively value then let's agree to subsidize only that instead of developers and all new residents.

If developers are truly concerned about affordable housing, they can demonstrate that by sharing the financial burden with current residents. The fact is that a lot of people make a lot of money by keeping this issue confused and keeping the truth hidden, and they make it from you and me.

Impact fees are about fairness and honesty. Let's get the facts about this issue out into the light and let's settle this question once and for all.

Jim J. Weber/Lacey

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