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From 5/5/13 CIC celebration on The Intersection of Sexuality and Spirituality

Comments written on 3x5 cards, shuffled, and read anonymously.

Namaste: God Spirits Greeting

Any relationship, sensual or sexual, between beings that are part God-Spirit is, almost by definition, spiritual

Breathing with planets

pollen and spores

luminosity, darkness,

open hearts and centers

risk, texture, pleasure, tears

Holy ____ ones from all time

human rhythms, listening




being filled



touch of the holy -


There is more than one "right" way for both spirituality and sexuality

Any relationship, sensual or sexual, between beings that are part God-Spirt is, almost by definition, spiritual.

Suspended in a warm ocean of being

Being close the the earth,

Feeling its dirt under my fingernails,

and sweating.

Open to desire.

Not enough giving and embracing of sex and spirituality.

The idea is that pleasure is sacred and OK.

Yes, wonderful.

Give me more of that.

The ease and simplicity

of living in the body.

Want more of that too.

Blessed moon round boobies

with a child's drunken smile

dribbling breast milk

  • Lately I run into the thought that spirituality and truth are synonymous. Sexuality is a fundamental truth and intersects there with spirituality.

    What is alive in me...

    spirituality/sexuality as connection, ways of being in communion

    spirituality/sexuality as vehicles for control/loss of freedom

    spirituality/sexuality as ways to be now


    How do I stay tuned into myself - my own path, feelings and needs - while in an intimate relationship with another?

    Grateful for a husband who taught me my mother was wrong

    An honoring of the beautiful and sensual sensations that come with our bodies -

    either sharing with heartfulness with a partner or alone

    Calm, happy, delighted

    The moment of having our child be conceived,

    the wondrous miracle

    marrying of love, spirituality and sexuality

    I got the feeling that

    music and the beat, the opening of my torso and legs and heart to it,

    and mind to it, is the intersection of sexuality and spirituality.

    Even before that question was asked,

    music and a beat was present in me.

    I can't say, right now, or

    even imagine the connection.

    I don't have a feeling for either

    one at this moment. It feels too abstract.

    letting go


    deep truth even though at times I've been led astray by family/religious fears.

    Maybe more separate than I like to admit. Blissful, unitive, compassionate. Hope for the Beloved in another.

    Together they help define who one is - creativity also enters enters in - it comes with the practice of both.


    I rejoice that sexuality is being discussed let alone in church and in mixed company. It is so different from my own limited and what I came to see as twisted and unhealthy experience and knowledge. Thank you.

    Just words

    heart beat

    neck tension

    gentle breath

    little toes floating free

    big heart

    Touching the mystery of the other person

    Allowing trust and sweetness

    Communication on several levels

    Caring for the other

    Caring for oneself.

    The "connectedness: that is a part of sexuality is integral to a basic reality of biology.

    Prior to sex all procreation was "cloning" - think flatworms - immortal.

    The trend to sex demands the end of immortality - Death.

    Sex and death cannot exist without the other.

    Sorry, totally weird. I just fell asleep.

    I am aware that I use my image of people as energy sources. I'd like to explore my intentions around this habit.

    When sex is alive for me, everything around me is a little god - pillows, lights, the floor or ceiling, things seen through the window, water wherever it is around the place, the other person, parts of the other person (even elbows) - all have spirits in them.

    I can't separate the pleasures of sex from Darwin's precepts of survival and improvements of the specie by attracting physical "improvements" which may or may not be - improvements but just a "fun" drive. (ed. Note: or is it "fear" drive - can't read the handwriting)

    Missing the old lusty me, the nursing mother, the younger body. Appreciating other pieces more - touch, other physical experiences like wind on face, sitting in hot sun. More awareness of simple pleasures.

    Religion = Reconnection

    Spirituality = Sexuality

    Connection with another being, bridging the separation of skin and body, with skin and body.

    Two things

    DH Lawrence said something to the effect that the greatest sexual organ is the mind. I've been fortunate to experience that insight.

    I have experienced a true grandeur of sexuality for me. Seeing the birth of a new being.

    I am noticing that the green shoots of new growth on my fir tree are becoming less about sexuality and more about spirituality, a transition of sorts. There is a similar excitement and expectation with this budding spiritual awareness that is similar in tone to my budding sexuality of many years ago. There is a push pull inside this transition - denial, longing, hope, loss, acceptance.

  • God is love.

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