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"Reclaiming the Tradition, Bringing Funerals Home..."

Answers to FAQs

  • In Washington and most other states, home funerals are legal.
  • Families have the legislated right to care for the body of their loved one in the home and to hold a home based funeral service, wake or vigil.
  • Home Funerals can be a loving, low cost, alternative at the end of life.
    • The average cost of a Funeral in the United States is in the $7000 range.
    • A home funeral, including cremation and transport, costs under $2000.
  • The body of your loved one can lie in honor at home until cremation or burial, usually 1 to 3 days.
  • Embalming is not required in most circumstances.
  • You can make a casket or prepare and decorate a simple, low cost cremation casket.
  • Should you choose, you may transport the body to the place of disposition. (crematory or cemetery)
  • Children can easily and naturally, on their own terms, be welcomed into a home funeral vigil, learning that death is a natural part of the life cycle.
  • A home funeral vigil offers the opportunity to nurture meaningful end of life traditions, encouraging healthy grieving.
  • For generations we have cared for our loved ones at home.
  • There are Green Burial options here in Washington.

Blessing the Journey
Reclaiming the Tradition, Bringing Funerals Home

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