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"Reclaiming the Tradition, Bringing Funerals Home..."

Blessing the Journey

Sacredly Guiding Families through the Home Funeral Vigil.

Blessing the Journey came into being in order to support and honor the intimate and loving work of caring for a loved one after death.

Mission and Purpose

  • To offer presence and reverence at the end of life and after death.
  • To provide practical assistance and guidance in support of families who are preparing the body for a home funeral vigil.
  • To honor the intimate and loving work of caring for a loved one after death.
  • To foster the integration of dying and the sacred art of after-death care into our family and community life.
  • To encourage healthy grieving by providing space, bereavement support, presence and deep, non-judgmental listening.
  • To provide information and education about home funeral choices.
  • To support and encourage families and communities to create their own meaningful end of life rituals.
  • To empower family and friends to be their own funeral vigil director.

Blessing the Journey LLC is a consulting business and is not a funeral establishment. All fees paid to Blessing the Journey LLC are for consultation services and assistance to the family, who is choosing to be in charge of their own home funeral vigil.

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