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Full Circle Mandalas

Manda means essence, la container, so a mandala is form and energy in a sacred circle. The cosmic womb or egg, a shell, a tree, all symbolize the connected Being that is One whole. As seeds born upon fertile ground, let these images take root in you and may you bless with abundance this sacred earth and holy universe. Grow in understanding as the flower under the sun.


The sacred hoop, the womb of creation, the substance of form, She is the Mother. She is power-full and wise, grace-full and serene. She nurtures the earth and must be nurtured as the earth. She has many names and many faces but in her essence she is one. Hold her, reclaim her, redeem her through your love. As a mandala gives beauty through balance, unity through synthesis, let its form give healing to the wounded women of the earth. Whole we are atoned.

The symbols are intentionally untitled to allow the unique interpretation of each individual to unfold.

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