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Having done commissioned work and raised a family, I had not created "my own" work for years. But whenever someone asked what I would paint I would say mandalas. Predictably, I am now painting iconic mandalas (a purposeful hybrid) and I am affirmed in my intuition: mandalas are a wonderful way of transforming the individual and the group. Helping to align us to a greater power and purpose, mandalas create balance and understanding: a sense of atONEment through which we may heal ourselves and our world.

An Art History major, I have always been drawn to the cross cultural constants—the intersections of truth that bind us together. The trinity, as an expression of sacred numerology, geometry, and art, emerges within all cultures as the embodiment of the human family. At this time of global crisis and unification, I have chosen the trinity as a tool for integration—a celebration of diversity and unity, embracing all peoples from around the globe and all life on our planet.

While previously anonymous, I have chosen to include some images to help connect the viewer with the process of creation. Here I am with my most recent (not quite finished) acrylic.

Enjoy, Heather Taylor, Full Circle Mandalas

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