"seek truth to find wisdom..."


Why another collection of quotes?
I developed this as a gift to my wife, but I really don't think we can study quotes enough or have enough quote websites.

Why these quotes?
Over a period of at least twenty years I have had a paper, and then computer, collection of quotes. So saying why I collected a specific quote is difficult. But I can certainly say that for each quote it said something important to me - so I 'collected' it.

Can readers suggest additions?
While I didn't put this site here to solicit input, I certainly have not ended my search for truth or wisdom. See the contact page for our information.

How does one study quotes?
I think that it is simple. First read the quote and then think about it. In an earlier gift to my wife I put together a book of some of my selected quotes. And after each quote I wrote down a little bit of my thinking. I highly recommend this practice to 'get in touch' with wisdom.

Who should study quotes?
I think everyone could benefit. In fact one night I was at a parents' night at my child's school and listening to her English treacher talk about the reading they would do. I was struck that most of the reading was fiction, and relatively modern fiction at that. I wondered about the non-fiction, and then further about the reading of quotes. Couldn't they learn 'English' while at the same time picking up some wisdom that had stood the test of time.

Do quotes have to be old?
My collection contains quotes of many different ages. And I think they all speak to 'truth.' But you do have to look very carefully at the very old quotes. They have after all - "stood the tests of time."

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