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Welcome to the official Planetary People website

We offer positive vibrations for your encouragement and joy with compelling rhythms and soaring melodies. We share a deep respect for this planet, our home, and we bring more fun into this world. There are dire consequences for our home and all nations if critical streams of waste and destruction continue unabated. More than six billion people composed of water and minerals are walking around today animated by unique spirits. We all share a common kinship and, as musicians, we choose to consciously focus and magnify that fact.

The band is made up of skilled and experienced musicians from varied backgrounds.

We value diversity and are open to new musicians who bring skill and passion.

You will hear influences of rock & roll, reggae, r&b, folk, world beat, and jazz. We are currently working on a recording featuring nine songs.

Here are some tunes for your listening pleasure:

Music goes beyond words and even languages. It is a feeling. It is ephemeral -- one minute, itís there, and when the musicians stop, itís gone. It is more than the sum of the parts, It is mystical in the multitude of feelings transmitted. It is an individual experience that brings us together. Music is healing of the soul, the community, the nation, and the world.

Diversity strengthens the pursuit of our common goal. We need to house the homeless, feed the hungry, and understand that we are all on this planet together. Today is a new day and we need to insure individual survival while helping the planet to survive and sustain. There is enough to go around when we understand how to use it. The festival of life on this planet begets rich and fantastic possibilities and we join with you to make them happen.

  • If we ruin our home, what will our children do?
  • If we are always fighting and disrespecting each other, how can we enjoy the greatest pleasures of life?
  • Why canít we keep it clean?
  • Why canít we get along?

The answer: we can realize that we are planetary people with common interests that are greater and more important than pollution and separation. We can make one big world party.



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