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Please enjoy these images, as we celebrate the wisdom of women. The symbols honor the human-divine female in all her glory, for we are one. In this celebration we begin with and reclaim women as we honor the holy family of humanity including women, children and men. (May we learn to love and Live with one another.) Originally my intent was to allow the images to unfold and speak to each viewer in the unique way that, upon reflection, symbols can. I realize now that to do this, a little information about their conception is helpful as a platform to build upon or an altar upon which you may place your own meaning.

Please enjoy the images, derive the meaning and import that comes to you, ponder and reflect. All symbols are a storehouse for energy and instruction, from which you draw what is appropriate for you at this time in your life. But remember, the door will only open if you knock--and keep knocking. There is no doorbell or easy way other than through our own intent and study of form.

The study of symbols is a lost art for us to reclaim. This is a primary reason for my art: an intuitive instruction in the art of sacred symbology,numerology and geometry.

In the past the mystery schools would use the study of symbolism as a means of transcending the concrete mind to puncture the veil of the material world and intuit the beyond. While we live in a society of vast visual stimuli, we have left (appropriate term for female and intuition) the discipline of symbology. We are swimming in a sea of symbols with no real destination in mind and it is our vision that guides us. If we are not discriminating in our vision, how can we live a discriminating life; how will we get where we are going, if we don't know where that is? We must have sight to gain insight.

Holding a vision before us is like holding a seed thought in our mind--it will blossom. So we hold the vision of a sacred and radiant earth, an earth of abundance manifest through balance. As a mandala aligns the microcosm with the macrocosm, the below and the above, it centers us as individuals and places us within the harmony of an ordered sphere. Does this not sound like the best vacation, to relax in perfect balance and harmony without friction or discord? We only stay on this beach, of course, as long as we hold this harmony within ourselves and our cells.

As cells within the body of a greater being we must all find our place as apart of something wonderful, sacred, and sublime not a part from. To do this we join with the mother aspect and lift her up, as we rise ourselves, claiming our sacred birthright as women, beloved matter imbued with spirit. We are love, strength, beauty, balance, peace, courage, compassion, truth, power, hope,purity...a manifest abundance. Let it be so within you, as within the heavens and earth. (Does not matter extend into space?)

In healing ourselves, let us heal the planet. In embracing ourselves let us emrace one another, for only whole are we atoned. In the name of inclusion we go forth in a progressive spiral, a point turning, moving forward. As a mandala unites all forms within the circle of the mother' womb, the masculine point of the impregnating sperm leads to the cross of the child that connects them both. The square of the four directions surrounds with its sacred aspects of the female form: the four elements that are used to build All--air, fire, earth and water. The circle, point, cross, and square lead us to a progressive spiral that connects usall, as we turn with each new day.

With the turning of the wheel, we rotate our perspective through the seasons, celebrating and appreciating their lessons. We lift a cup, our female aspect (be we men or women) to the divine order that moves within the heavens and upon the earth. We are a part of this great mystery, slsightly veiled--a cup ready to be filled (seconds, please).

In the spirit of seconds and second births--of being filled, please join me in an exploration of this sacred female form, lifting the veil to expose woman in all her radiance and glory. Let us align ourselves and our cells within the order of the universe to be agents of positive change and transformation, to pour forth blessings upon the earth.

I know mandalas will help me on this journey of Self discovery, providing a visual map to guide me upon my Way. I welcome you upon the path we all share. I will be writing about different aspects of sacred symbology, numerology, geometry and art. All paths lead to the center as a mandala outlines the spokes of a wheel moving to that point.

In the new age in which we stand, we stand as a group as individuals have stood before. We have always worked as groups and groups of groups, we just haven't had the consciousness to see this before, our orientationwas to our self not our Self. We are spokes upon a wheel, as our planet turns within the ordering of ever greater orbits. On higher levels and in truth upon the world we are always a part of not a part from. In this spirit I acknowledge that we are all working on the issues of centering, understanding (literally to stand under) and creating the form of our life (one life together). May we find strength and peace in working as one.

To a transformation of consciousness and a corresponding Balancing of our Beloved Earth

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