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Full Circle Mandalas
Mandalas of healing from around the world

A series of images connecting the trinity of Mother, Child, and Father.
The first set, uniting below to above, from the ground up: the Virgin Mother
12 images relating the female form in all its qualities and aspects
The Sacred Feminine: the womb of creation
Healing the Earth

Images sold as reproductions, including:

  • Cards with gold leaf overlay (sold individually or in sets of 6 or 12, including all images or arrangements by choice)
  • Prints (unframed 81/2" x 11" and 11" x17;" matted 14" x16", 16" x 20" or framed in a variety of sizes, square or rectangular)
  • Giclees in original size of 22 x 22" (square) or with altar piece approx. 22 x 28" (vertical rectangle) All images include artist's statement of intent, backing and protective sleeve.
  • Calendars will be ordered by request for the coming year and the year after.
  • Prices to be determined by the relationship with the selling gallery/retailer.

Contact us if you are interested.

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